Numi introduces Indulgent Tea

Numi introduces Indulgent Tea

Raw cacao meets smooth tea tastes for a rich, chocolaty treat.

Numi Organic Tea, known for delicious organic, non-GMO and fair trade–certified teas and teasans, is proud to announce a new product line: Indulgent Tea. A new collection of chocolate teas, Numi’s Indulgent Tea celebrate the blending of two of our favorite things: tea and cacao.

While food trends come and go, chocolate has been an object of cravings and affection since the first cacao plant originated in the Amazon in 2,000 BC. Today, chocolate is getting its due for being more than delicious, and is heralded for its health benefits and mood-boosting properties.

Numi’s Indulgent Teas provides the perfect guilt-free way for chocolate lovers to satisfy their sweet tooth and enjoy the good-for-you qualities of cacao. 

With only five calories per cup, no sugar, and a SRP of $7.99 for a box of 12 tea bags, Numi Indulgent Teas make it easy to save on both calories and cash versus a fancy mocha beverage or chocolate bar. Enjoy these exquisite tea blends any time of the day with milk or honey, or simply on their own. 
“Since we launched our Chocolate Pu-erh Tea in 2008, it has increased in its popularity every year,” says Ahmed Rahim, CEO and chief alchemist for Numi Organic Tea. “Now we are pleased to introduce our Indulgent Teas, combining some of our top-selling tea blends with cacao to offer unique tastes for every palate within the ever-growing chocolate tea category.”

Numi Indulgent Teas are certified-organic, verified non-GMO, fair trade certified, and made with 100 percent real ingredients (not “natural” flavorings, or perfumes) including real cacao powder. Consumers can choose from four flavors, available in boxes containing 12 tea bags each.

Chocolate Rooibos: Smooth South African rooibos is enveloped by creamy real vanilla beans, sweet honeybush and rich cacao. This sensual treat is a delightful, soothing beverage you can melt into. Chocolate Rooibos is blended with 45 percent cacao.
Chocolate Mint: This blend of Numi’s Moroccan Mint, cacao and orange peel has a sweet balance. The spearmint flavor adds a bit of spice while orange peel adds a hint of citrus. Chocolate Mint is blended with 55 percent cacao.
Chocolate Earl Grey: Numi’s delicious Aged Earl Grey™ tea blends perfectly with cacao and real vanilla beans. Sweet bergamot orange notes harmonize with creamy vanilla and chocolate for a captivating treat. Chocolate Earl Grey is blended with 50 percent cacao.

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