NutriPure Beverages, Inc. Utilizes New Technology for Better Concentrate Formulation

NutriPure Beverages, Inc. announced today that in preparation for the launch of its nutrient enhanced family of water products, the company will be utilizing a new high-sheer technology to manufacture its nutritional concentrate which is used to make the unique formulations. This new high-sheer technology will allow NutriPure's concentrate manufacturer West Packs Industries, located in Sparks Nevada, to infuse higher levels of nutraceutical compounds into the formula concentrate. These higher concentrations of nutraceutical compounds will increase the efficacy of the products providing greater benefits to the consumer.

Kenyatto Jones, CEO of NutriPure Beverages, Inc., commented, "It is NutriPure's corporate philosophy to always identify and utilize any new technology that can improve the quality of our products for the benefit of the consumer."

About NutriPure Beverages, Inc.
NutriPure Beverages, Inc. is bringing to market a complete line of nutrient-enhanced bottled water products using a patented process that adds organic nutrients to water without adding masking flavors, colors or sweeteners, yielding premium enhanced water products that contain no calories, no carbohydrates, no colors and no flavors other than pure water. The process is further enhanced using desirable "cold-fill" techniques that save energy and reduce harmful, "plastic chemical leaching" into the product. The company intends to market a full line of nutrient-enhanced water products under the Nu2O label, which will compete with currently available products such as SmartWater and VitaminWater.

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