Potential Antiviral Effect Of Cranberries Noted

Independent research published in the scientific journal Phytomedicine has found that cranberry may display anti-viral properties. The researchers concluded that cranberry juice offers a non-specific anti-viral effect towards different viruses. The results of this novel study point to yet another potential health benefit of the North American super berry.

Researchers from various academic institutions in New York carried out detailed studies on cranberry and other fruit juices using a number of model viruses, such as bacteriophages. The results showed that cranberry juice drink, donated by Ocean Spray, reduced the infectivity of the viruses tested by up to 92 per cent, as compared to a reduction of only 25 – 35 per cent for orange juice and grapefruit juice.

The researchers found that the cranberry juice-treated virus did not attach to its host bacterial cell, whereas the non-treated virus did. The researchers concluded that the anti-viral effect appeared to be related to the adsorption stage of the viruses’ replication cycle. Cranberry juice drink was also found to inhibit the hemagglutination reaction – another indicator that cranberry may display viral anti-adhesion properties.

Arun Hiranandani, senior manager, worldwide marketing for Ocean Spray ITG comments: “These findings are extremely significant in the health story of the cranberry. We are already well aware of the cranberry’s anti-adhesion power against viruses, but this is the first indication we have seen that the berry may possess antiviral power too. This is great news for the cranberry and enhances its appeal as a nutraceutical and healthy food and drink ingredient. We wait with bated breath for the next chapter in the incredible story of this extraordinary berry.”


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