Red Bull by the billions

Red Bull by the billions

Rexam invests £20 million in Austrian beverage can plant.

Rexam is investing some £20 million in building a fourth manufacturing line at its beverage can plant in Ludesch, Austria.

The plant, opened in 2007, is a wall to wall plant, next to Red Bull’s contract filling partner Rauch, and is used solely to make cans for Red Bull, the world’s leading energy drink. The plant currently produces just over 2 billion cans a year and when it comes on stream in late 2013, Line 4 will add an extra 0.7 billion capacity.

Rexam produces a range of can shapes and sizes for Red Bull at the Ludesch plant, as well as offering computer to plate (CTP) and High Definition Illustration Impact printing technologies on site. Wall-to-wall production which happens at this site is just one of the ways in which both Rexam and Red Bull reduce their environmental impact. This kind of production dramatically shortens transport distances, resulting in lower CO2 emissions, in addition to other benefits.

Guido Klinkhammer, Rexam key account director, said: “We are delighted to be building a new line at Ludesch. We have a great working relationship with Red Bull and recognise their growing needs as a leading global brand.”


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