Resveratrol (Trans)

Resveratrol (Trans)

Numerous studies showing the benefits of moderate red wine consumption on health sparked the research on resveratrol over a decade ago. Red wine differs from white in that it is fermented with the resveratrol-containing grape skins present. This fermentation process imparts the resveratrol (and other anitoxidants in the grape skin) into the finished wine. Early studies suggested that the intake of red wine (and therefore resveratrol) may yield health benefits. Over the past decade, researchers have focused on resveratrol, specifically.

You should know that in nature, resveratrol exists in two different isomers, trans-resveratrol and cis-resveratrol. These prefixes, "trans" and "cis", refer to the shape of the molecule. Researchers have identified trans-resveratrol as the biologically active of the two isomers. Therefore, as a consumer, you don't care about "resveratrol", you care about "trans-resveratrol".

Following is the introduction of resveratrol products produced by HBI.

Latin Name : Polygonum cuspidatum Sieb. et Zucc.
Plant Part Used : Root & Rhizome
CAS# : [501-36-0]

Resveratrol manufacturing details :
1, There are 5 pivotal step during the processing of Resveratrol:
A) Raw Material
Original cultivation area of the Giant Kotweed is very important , just few mountains growes good quality raw materials . Resveratrol content of raw material decrease down when harvested during May to October.
B) Fermentation Enzyme Choosing
Resveratrol transformation ratio is determined mostly by the Fermentation Enzyme . Good fermentation enzyme can bring 98% transformation , while normal enzyme can just make 80% transformation , which will directly effect the manufacturing cost .
C) It’s easy way to produce 20% Resveratrol , and from 20% to 40% , but there is a key step from 20% to 50% , and it will take high lost during 50% content producing , so that’s why most manufacturer won’t supply this 50% specification and there is a big gap in this 50% resveratrol market .
D) Manufacturing processing from 20% to 98% needs high-tech base . Lots of herb extract supplier in the world can’t produce this 98% Resveratrol .
E) It’s very hard to control the procedure to make the 98% product into pure white color . Few 98% Resveratrol manufacturer can supply pure white color products .

2, Our obvious big superiority on this 98% Resveratrol’s processing .
We are also professional Tea extract supplier . There are some same key procedures between Resveratrol and Tea products Catechins , because both Resveratrol and Catechins are very sensitive with temperature , high temperature will cause decrease of their content , color , aroma and taste. So we have obvious big superiority on this 98% Resveratrol’s processing .

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