Rich Nature responds to consumer demand for goji and açaí as industry momentum for superfruits picks up

Seattle, August 10, 2007 -- Early signs from Ningxia and Brazil indicate it’s going to be a bumper harvest for goji berries (“Ningxia wolfberries”, Lycium barbarum L.) and açaí (“assa-ee”, palmberry, Euterpe oleraceae Mart.) this year. And that means great news for superfruit food and beverage manufacturers and all goji lovers who appreciate the unique, sweet, tangy flavor of Nature’s nutritious “Red Diamond”.

Rich Nature Nutraceutical Laboratories has launched five new proprietary products from this year's harvest including RichJuice 200™, a 50% dehydration of fresh goji berry juice, RichJuice Plus™, a liquid purée of the whole goji fruit (pulp, skin, seeds), and Bevesol 200™, a soluble powder made from RichJuice 200™.

New to Rich Nature's product lineup are two proprietary blends made from Rich Juice 200™ and soluble freeze-dried açaí powder: PalmGoji™, a liquid concentrate of the two fruit sources and PalmGojiSol™, a completely soluble powder blend made from Bevesol 200™ and soluble açaí powder. All these new products are provided as raw materials in bulk quantities for manufacturers.

Quoting President of Rich Nature, Richard Zhang, “2007 is a benchmark year for Rich Nature. Not only are we closer to full organic certification for our farm in Ningxia, but we have also developed five new raw material products to meet growing market demands and applications for goji. We are proud to be recognized for the high quality of our goji materials, and are excited to be expanding our development partnerships this year.”

Goji and açaí are included in the superfruit category as high in nutrients and antioxidants. The Seattle-based raw materials supplier says its 700 acre goji farm in Ningxia has completed two of three major steps for organic certification expected for the 2008 crop. Current certificates of analysis from the Rich Nature farm show negative or below detectable levels of pesticides, heavy metals and microbial contaminants, a success resulting from organic practices already in place. The açaí material obtained by Rich Nature is harvested in the wild.

Used in their respective traditional medicine for centuries, goji and açaí are set to gain even more western popularity over the next decade, as novel applications for medicinal plants and herbs in functional foods and beverages are likely to be received well by formulators looking for novel, convenient and appealing ways to deliver them to consumers.

Rich Nature will continue to carry in its line the highest-grade dried goji berries and whole goji pulp powder valued for development of flavors and the natural red-orange colorant of goji berries.

Included among “exotic superfruits”, goji berries naturally contain dense concentrations of nutrients and phytochemicals, including exceptional levels of beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, lycopene, vitamin B2, iron, copper, selenium and protein. Goji is rare among berries by containing dense contents both of polyphenolic and carotenoid pigments in its pulp and skin, giving it one of the highest measured values for oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC). Bevesol 200™ was measured for ORAC at 6230 micromoles Trolox per 100 g.

Rich Nature also has produced a 235-page, science-based reference textbook for goji nutrients and phytochemicals, entitled “Wolfberry: Nature's Bounty of Nutrition and Health”, authored by P.M. Gross, PhD, X. Zhang, MD and R. Zhang, Booksurge Publishing, 2006 (

A deep violet color, açaí owns the title as Nature's #1 antioxidant plant food (ORAC for Rich Nature powder > 70,000), and is enriched with soluble dietary fiber, polyunsaturated fats, magnesium, iron and calcium.

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