Veri shakes up natural soda category

Veri shakes up natural soda category

The Veri Soda Co. launches the first line of USDA certified organic, non-GMO low-calorie sodas.

Faced with continuing mounting evidence that carbonated soft drinks are a major contributor to the growing obesity and diabetes rates in the U.S., the dilemma of how to satisfy the approximately 150 million soda drinkers in the U.S. gives the organic industry new opportunities to respond. The Veri Soda Co. is launching the first line of USDA certified organic, non-GMO low calorie sodas. Armed with a full arsenal of high-level professionals in product development, sales and marketing, the company has its sights set on being a change maker in the natural/organic soda category.

The differences between Veri and its competitors are numerous, but most important is taste. Veri Sodas are made with the best quality certified organic, non-GMO ingredients including a proprietary blend of flavors plus organic cane sugar and organic stevia, to deliver a low calorie soft drink with only 60 calories per can. Consumers give the four flavors—Veri Cola, Veri Orange, Veri Lemon Lime and Veri Ginger Ale—a thumbs up for its clean, effervescent flavor without the aftertaste often associated with stevia-sweetened beverages. Second, but not secondary, is The Veri Soda Co.’s commitment to rigid climate-neutral business practices. Adhering to its “no compromises” mission statement, everything from sourcing ingredients to manufacturing to packaging is scrutinized to ensure the most premium, best-tasting, sustainably manufactured beverages are available to consumers.

 “We saw a tremendous opportunity to bring expertise from having launched a similar product in Europe, to the vast U.S. market,” says Leonard Freeke, president of The Veri Soda Co. “After extensive research, we created a premium product without compromise in any area, to bring to market in the U.S. We are deeply committed to the organic foods industry, and further, to helping create groundbreaking change in how the U.S. consumer views carbonated soft drinks: that there can be another option that also tastes great, for people who enjoy an occasional soft drink as a treat. The increasing demand for healthy products, plus growing awareness among consumers about the negative health effects of certain ingredients in regular and diet soft drinks, positions Veri Soda for tremendous success.”

In addition to the organic sweeteners, other Veri Soda ingredients include sparkling water and organic fruit juice concentrates that vary depending on the flavor. The company did extensive taste-testing to settle on the right sweetener combination, having learned from stevia-only based beverages that the aftertaste often associated with this ingredient has kept many consumers from switching from highly processed sugar or artificially sweetened drinks to healthier alternatives.

Veri Soda is available at select stores nationally, with a suggested retail price of $4.99 for a four-pack.




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