Zola Continues Growth in Superfruit Beverages Category

Zola, maker of the first bottled açaí juice, and one of the fastest growing brands of açaí juice on the market, announces that its new BRAZILIAN SUPERFRUIT SMOOTHIES will be distributed at Whole Foods Markets nationally beginning April 1. Joining the already-successful line of Zola Açaí Juices, the Smoothies are expected to be even more popular, given the current boom in popularity around not only açaí but also other exotic superfruits.

“The timing couldn’t be better for Zola,” says Mark Delbridge, Vice President of Natural Food Sales for Zola. “Superfruits are hot, and based on the reaction we got from the trade at Expo West, we expect the Smoothies to be a hit with consumers. Getting the products into Whole Foods nationally, rather than region by region, is a testament to their confidence that this will be a winner.”

In addition, Zola is distributed by UNFI nationally, Tree of Life nationally and Nature’s Best. In addition to Whole Foods, many independent natural foods stores and Co-ops have placed the products.

Equally important to selling product is Zola’s commitment to giving back. The mission of its Project Zola campaign is to empower Brazilian communities through partnership and sustainability. In May, Zola will be launching a retail program featuring its handcrafted açaí seed bracelets. Proceeds from sales of these bracelets will go directly to Project Zola. Zola is looking for strategic partners who would like to support this worthwhile project. Contact Mark Delbridge ([email protected]) for more information on getting involved. Visit www.DrinkZola.com for more information on new Brazilian Superfruit Smoothies, Zola Açaí Juices and Project Zola.

Founded in 2001 with the goal of creating products that are “Great for You and Great for the Planet,” Zola offers a line of Açaí Superfruit Juices and functional Brazilian Superfruit Smoothies sourced from the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. Committed to social responsibility, Project Zola was created to empower Brazilian communities through partnership and sustainability. Zola always sustainably harvests its açaí berries, which puts the trees at their highest and best use and ultimately helps to protect the trees of the Amazon. For an amazing visual tour of the Zola story, click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ae9zeqsg140

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