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25 reasons I am grateful this Thanksgiving

25 reasons I am grateful this Thanksgiving

As the final countdown to Thanksgiving begins, I’m feeling filled with gratitude. I always have much to be thankful for come Turkey Day, but this year I’m feeling especially blessed. I have a fulfilling and challenging job in an industry that I believe can change the world for the better. I have two of the sweetest, funniest and most thoughtful sons imaginable and a husband who loves us all deeply. I have devoted friends, Crossfit Roots and the newfound ability to crank out 100 burpees without being brought to tears. I have a cup of hot coffee on a quiet morning that feels wonderfully peaceful after a wild night of 70 mph winds.

As I write this, however, I’m feeling particularly thankful for my content and research colleagues at New Hope Natural Media. Here’s why (in alphabetical order):

Caren Baginski: Our social media (and vegan) go-to, Caren keeps newhope360 flush with valuable daily content that she expertly shares with the world via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. She also keeps me up-to-date on the latest in social networking without making me feel like an out-of-touch old lady.

Kelsey Blackwell: New Hope hasn’t been the same since Kelsey joined the content team last year. We are all better off thanks to her infectious laugh, love of good food and expert ability to identify standout natural, organic and healthy products from a sea of offerings. Kelsey's a pro when it comes to video, as well!

Jenna Blumenfeld: One of New Hope’s newer editors, Jenna reminds me of myself when I was first starting out (although she has much better style than I did in the ’90s!). Jenna is eager, a fast learner and full of potential. I’m excited to watch Jenna’s skill set blossom and her responsibilities grow.

Elisa Bosley: Pumpkin Ginger Pudding. Arugula, Pear and Romano Salad. Gluten-Free Chicken and Dumplings. These are but a few of the thousands of delicious and healthy recipes Elisa has compiled and published in Delicious Living magazine. Elisa’s recipe choices have graced many of my holiday meals, and I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s Mashed Potatoes with Cauliflower and Roasted Garlic.

Marc Brush: The editor-in-chief of Nutrition Business Journal (my old job), Marc very much embodies the “brains” of New Hope’s content group. I’ve learned much from his “big ideas,” which grace the wall of windows in his office and inform NBJ’s research and analysis.

Matt Calnan: I believe that research is an important part of New Hope’s future and that’s why I am very thankful to have Matt on our content team. Matt’s the organizer and the engine behind our burgeoning research work; and with tact and consideration, he somehow keeps us editors on track with new projects that must fit into our “regularly scheduled” workload.

Nancy Coulter-Parker: Content’s indefatigable leader, Nancy keeps our train on the tracks and moving in the right direction. She makes sure we stay within our budgets and continue finding efficiencies among our portfolio of products. More importantly, though, Nancy's the heart and soul of our team.

Katie Dove: New Hope’s newest designer, Katie’s spirit can be seen in her beautiful work for Delicious Living magazine and its growing custom publishing division and in her willingness to help out other teams when needed—even while on deadline.

Susan Enfield Esrey: I've been working with Susan for longer than nearly everyone at New Hope. Susan has always inspired me with her writing, her deep knowledge related to health and wellness, and her own embodiment of those attributes. In fact, I must thank Susan for motivating me to kick my own fitness pursuits up a level. I still have a long way to go, but I plan to continue striving to one day be as fit as Susan Esrey!

Dave Levine: If you’ve seen the “new” Delicious Living (which unveiled a clean and inspiring new design in January of this year), you know Dave’s work. I’m lucky enough to now have him as the lead designer for Natural Foods Merchandiser, which is undergoing a major transformation. Come January 2012, you’ll be able to see in the new NFM the design brilliance that is Dave Levine.

Connor Link: One of the youngest members of New Hope’s content team, Connor is also one of the smartest and most talented. He started with us as an NBJ intern in 2010 and is now making his mark as NBJ’s associate editor. Keep an eye on Connor. He’s continues to impress me!

Jared Maher: Have you noticed how much the video content on newhope360 has improved over the last four months? We have Jared to thank for that. He came on board at New Hope as NFM’s associate editor but quickly proved his stuff as a video producer and editor. I can’t wait to see what he has planned for New Hope video in 2012.

Erin Manning: Check out the spectacular food photography in this month’s Delicious Living (or really any month of Delicious Living). We have Erin to thank for this standout content and for keeping track of the many "fine print" details that accompany our ever-expanding library of art.

Radha Marcum: I will forever be thankful for Radha, who was the person who helped shepherd me into my first job at New Hope. More than that, however, I am grateful for the quiet leadership and authenticity Radha brings to our content team. She keeps us grounded and focused on the values driving our work.

Jody Mason: All one has to do is check out Jody’s current Facebook picture to understand the enthusiasm and spirit this woman brings to New Hope’s content team. A staunch advocate for organic (and more recently vegan living), Jody infuses our work with insight, purpose and a healthy dose of humor.

Jennifer McCord: My connection to Jennifer goes way back before I joined New Hope. She was my first Boulder landlord, next-door neighbor and wedding photographer. Now, I have the privilege of watching as Jennifer, with grace and aplomb, takes Engredea’s education and event programming to new levels.

Diana Mercer: Diana is one of those people who makes me wonder, “How does she do it all?” Diana came on as the new content and education manager for Natural Products Expo East a few months before the show and, despite the tight timeframe and being new to New Hope, planned a stellar programming lineup for the show’s return to Baltimore. On the “side,” Diana runs her natural products business, Clementine Art.

Carla Ooyen: As NBJ’s Marc Brush likes to note, Carla is the “secret sauce” behind the success of NBJ. Without her dogged approach to market research and solid data analysis skills, the nutrition industry would be without an important and valuable resource.

Lauren Piscopo: NFM’s managing editor, Melaina Juntti, recently left New Hope to pursue new adventures in Duluth, Minnesota. Melaina’s departure has been a huge loss for our content team, but fortunately Lauren has stepped in to fill the void. As we move into production on our January relaunch issue and put the finishing touches on our March Expo West book, I am feeling extremely grateful for Lauren and her managing editor skills!

Beth Riccardi: In July, New Hope’s content team moved into new digs in a space that just so happens to be at basement (or, as we like to say, “garden”) level and the former location of an Indian Restaurant. As it turns out, the space is actually pretty nice—thanks in large part to Beth. Working with Elisa Bosley, Beth used her design aesthetic and interior decorating skills (and off hours) to transform a boring office canvass into a comfortable space that fosters creativity and community.

Jessica Rubino: Another young and very talented member of our content team, Jessica embodies the skills that will be required in the evolving world of publishing. Jessica is fast, collaborative and flexible—and often the first person to volunteer to take on a new project. Plus, she's an inspiration when it comes to style and natural beauty.

Todd Runestad: From the moment he walks (dances?) into the office, Todd gives me (and I’m sure the rest of the content team) many reasons to be grateful. He’s the go-to guy when I have a science- or ingredient-related question, but he’s also the person who I know can bring humor, levity and perspective to tough situations.

Hank Schultz: Hank, a former reporter and editor at the Rocky Mountain News, embodies the many skills, talents and attributes I longed to amass when I was a journalism student. He’s now putting these skills to work in the valuable news and analysis writing he does for the Engredea portfolio and newhope360. When breaking news happens, Hank is (thankfully!) on the job!

Nora Simmons: When Nora joined New Hope’s content team a few months back, I first noticed her attitude. She’s a go-getter and not afraid to voice her opinion. Those skills will be essential to New Hope’s content future, I feel. Since then, I’ve been impressed with Nora’s writing skills and her willingness to jump into new topics and projects. I’m eager to see what Nora does next here.

Laura Weldon: Last (alphabetically) but absolutely not least is Laura, the person who quietly keeps newhope360 running (and improving) and our e-mail newsletters publishing on schedule—even in the midst of technical glitches, staff changes and system overhauls. Often working behind the scenes, Laura makes every editor’s job easier—particularly mine. We benefit from her technical prowess, ability to see the big picture and initiative. Plus, it’s often Laura’s wry sense of humor that gets me through difficult deadlines and days.

So why have I shared all of this via newhope360? Because these are the people who make this site, our publications, our research projects and our events education possible and moving ever forward. Thank you, content team!

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