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4 ways to give your store a competitive edge with nutricosmetics

4 ways to give your store a competitive edge with nutricosmetics

Nutricosmetics—defined as foods, beverages, and supplements that can help support healthy skin, hair, and nails—is a unique natural beauty product category that has piqued my interest for years. One reason is because of its abundance of innovation and emerging science. The second is its sustainable success in global markets such as Japan contrasted with its more gradual evolution as a recognized category domestically. Now, its success seems imminent as consumers increasingly seek out more holistic beauty solutions—whether that means choosing cleaner, chemical-free products, or incorporating supplements and foods that can give them that beauty boost from the inside out. 

Nutricosmetics are defined as foods, beverages, and supplements that can help support  healthy skin, hair, and nails. 


Healthy living isn’t just about healthy eating, more of us are realizing. It’s about choosing higher quality, safer products for every aspect of our lives, products that make us feel and look great. Healthy living is also about a balance of rethinking some of your go-to habits and products and tapping ancient wisdom for solutions. This evolving view of health and beauty points to major growth for the flourishing nutricosmetics category, but that growth will depend on education that happens at retail. 

With that, I'm excited to introduce this month’s nutricosmetics program,  a partnership between New Hope Natural Media and the market leader in collagen beauty supplements, NeoCell. We’ve joined forces to educate on this booming category, and I truly believe that informing customers about the intersection of supplements and beauty products can give your HABA department a competitive edge.

Please check out these tools and events—and share with us how beauty-from-within takes shape in your store, or let us know what other education you’d like to see as part of this program.

Consumer Education Guide 

I love the combination of supplement advice and beauty-boosting recipes, tested by our pros at Delicious Living. You’ll also find it in your November issue of NFM. And feel free to contact NeoCell if you’re interested in stocking some issues in your store.

Category Overview and Shelf Talker

This is an excellent way to educate your staff on the category that offers easy-to-implement merchandising tips and advice for stocking top-notch products. Plus, print out the shelf talker and post it in your beauty aisles. It will direct customers to our beauty-from-within guide.


Neocell educator Tim Mount and Pharmaca Vice President of Integrative Medicine Don Summerfield are leading this hour-long educational webinar on the category. They’ll dig into the science of leading ingredients and ways to make nutricosmetics work in your store.


We’re sharing recipes, tips, and more for living a beautiful life with beauty-from-within pro (and overall delightful individual) Jolene Hart, author of Eat Pretty



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