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Acai: miracle fruit or just ... fruit?

I'm amused to find this article on acai on the New York Time's "Fashion & Style" page ... but maybe it's because acai is the best known (and therefore trendiest?) of the antioxidant superfruits. But as I read, I'm amazed that people would think that ANY fruit is a magic pill ... fruit is undoubtedly, indisputably good for our bodies, but there's no fruit or food in this world that is going to cause any magical weight loss or any other magic result. Fewer calories; more exercise; really good, real food but not too much: that's what you need for weight loss and, indeed, for overall good health. As for antioxidants: Yes, they're good for you, and they're important to get into your diet through whatever fruits and veggies you can get your hands on. It just makes sense that a wider variety is even better (like adding more colors to a complex painting), which is why I recommend trying foods like acai, goji berries, goldenberry, pomegranate, and other natural fruits in addition to the excellent everydays, like blueberries. Plus -- and this may be the most important thing -- fruits are delicious! Including acai. I tried some of the new juice smoothies from Zola Acai last week (see photo below right), and they're wonderful; I especially liked the tangy-tart blend, touted for Immunity (added vitamin C). These smoothies aren't magic, but they taste great, give me nutrients in a convenient form, and make trying something new just a little more fun. smoothie-4line.jpg

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