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Alive and Kicking: Direct Mail Still Works for Nutrition Products

I cancel every paper catalog that is mailed to me and send promotional mailings straight to the recycle bin without reviewing them. I also do a lot of my shopping and research via the Web and never purchase anything via a 1-800 number, so I naturally assumed that direct mail was on its last, dying breath. Well, apparently I’ve been wrong. According to David Klein, CEO and president of Macromark Inc., direct mail is still very much alive—especially in the dietary supplement and nutrition market. “Direct mail advertising for nutritionals is booming,” said Klein, whose company specializes in direct marketing and mailing list management for nutrition products. “Every year we do more and more business in this space.”direct mail

Klein said two trends are currently boosting the direct mail business for supplements: The increase in the number of companies that are bringing new supplement products to market and the swelling population of consumers who are over age 50 and still prefer to learn about health-related products via print. “Many supplements are targeted to older consumers, and this demographic is still direct mail responsive and not as Internet savvy,” said Klein, who estimated that the United States is home to 15 million to 25 million consumers who are primed to respond to nutrition-related direct mail pieces.

Performing particularly well in the direct marketing arena for supplements are solo direct mail pieces that provide in-depth science-based information on one supplement product, Klein said. Although such pieces can utilize a wide range of formats, each is created with similar goals: to educate consumers about a health product’s proven benefits and then motivate those consumers to pick up the phone and order the product via a 1-800 number. Of course, to be successful, a solo direct mail piece must reach the right consumers—which is where Macromark’s expertise comes in. “The quality of the mailing list is very important,” Klein said.Macromark logo

Macromark works with supplement companies ranging in size from $25,000 to $400 million in annual sales, Klein noted. Many of these companies use direct mail to market supplement products targeted toward conditions that are particularly important to older consumers, such as digestive, prostate, cognitive, vision, cardiovascular and sexual health.

Nutrition Business Journal’s next issue will focus on direct-to-consumer sales of dietary supplements and other nutrition products and include a Q&A with Macromark’s Klein, who provides additional advice on how to create and conduct successful direct marketing campaigns for nutrition-related products. You subscribe to the journal via the NBJ Website.

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