Are you saying the Kyoto Protocol sucks?

Ahh, not ratifying the Kyoto Protocol: another George W. Bush missed opportunity, another grand blunder, another ... good decision? Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves! But Clive Crook makes a compelling case that the Kyoto Protocol was nothing more than a sham in his article "Sins of Emission" in the April issue of Atlantic Monthly.

Earlier in the magazine, the eds write...

In a move to “level the playing field,” French President Nicolas Sarkozy has proposed taxing European imports from countries (such as the United States) that have not ratified the Kyoto Protocol. EU environment ministers will debate this proposal and others at a meeting [April 15-20].

I have to admit, I'm perplexed -- is the Kyoto Protocol not all that? What is the right answer to our environmental woes?


Confused in Colorado

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