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Are you an upbeat or beat-up retailer?

Are you upbeat or beat up? When I recently came across this question in the book Staying Positive in a Negative World by Kenneth W. Hagin, it struck a chord.  I talk with a lot of retailers and, while I get to hear about successes, I get the full story which means that I also hear about failures, challenges, problems, concerns and the like.  There are a lot of folks who own and run stores that feel beat up.

The independent business owner has certainly had his or her share of challenges these past few years.  The recession has been tough and has changed (decreased) many consumer spending habits.  Sales have gone down while costs have remained the same or increased.  Uncertainty about the future and conflicting predictions abound.  While these things affect the country as a whole, our industry remains a punching bag for a generally uninformed and hostile media. 

I don’t think that anyone would blame a retail store owner from feeling beat up.  In front of your customers, however, remember that you need to be upbeat.

(You should also be upbeat in front of your staff, but that is subject for another posting)

When looking for reasons to be upbeat, you shouldn’t need to look far. For many customers, visiting your store is a real treat. You carry cool products that are   health-enhancing, innovative and offer solutions. There are over 10,000 new items per year introduced in the natural products industry.  Even if you only bring in a handful of them, that adds a sense of adventure to a shopping trip.

A recent Mintel survey found that a whopping 86 percent of Americans treat preventative health care as a priority.  Whose products are more in that category than yours? 

Some recent consumer surveying from Delicious Living magazine showed at 78 percent of all consumers and 87 percent of those who are focused on healthy living believe that the food they consume has an effect on their health.  What is in your produce aisle, your cooler, your freezer, your bulk bins, up and down your grocery aisles other than items that help people improve their health and lives?

This same Delicious Living research also showed that far more people who eat organic foods see themselves as very or extremely healthy than those who don’t.  The products that you sell help createupbeat people.  They see what you sell as improving their health!

 Wow – making a positive difference in peoples’ lives – that’s a reason to be upbeat.

No doubt that business is hard, harder today than it was a few years ago.  Without even polishing my crystal ball much, I would venture a guess that there are challenges yet to be faced.  Even so, the natural products industry has the most amazing products to sell and we are helping people improve their lives with them. 

Beat up?  Maybe, at times.  Upbeat – Definitely!

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