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Beauty products for holiday survival

The emotional stress of the holidays and the physical stress of the winter elements can take their toll on your appearance in more ways than one: everything from dry skin and chapped lips, to puffy eyes or a perpetual Scrooge-esque scowl. Here are four back-to-basics beauty products to fight the season's wear and tear and restore your jolliness.

new-lip.jpg Mountain Ocean Lip Trip If the cold weather is causing uncomfortable chapped lips, a "white winter" may be making your pout. I pucker up to Mountain Ocean's Lip Trip to protect my lips from sun, wind, and snow (in Colorado, I often need protection from all three simultaneously). The beeswax-based chapstick locks in moisture and provides an SPF 15. It also contains an ultamoisturizing and protecting combination of aloe vera, cocoa butter, and vitamin E. Its very mild scent comes from natural vanilla and peppermint oils.

green-tea.jpgGreen Tea Goods Pulse Point Elixir Do you know those winter mornings when getting out of bed seems about as daunting as running a half marathon? Or going grocery shopping is like stumbling into a ring with Mike Tyson? This time of year, daily chores can seem like monstrous tasks. Yet I've found that sometimes all it takes is a small pick-me-up. I absolutely love the feeling I get from Green Tea Goods' energize and focus elixir. I simply roll a bit onto my pulse points and rub my wrists together throughout the day when I need that extra boost, whether to concentrate or to just to be more energetic. The combination of Chinese herbs and natural oils, including sweet almond oil, eucalyptus oil, jasmine, honeysuckle, tea tree oil, jin yin hua (honeysuckle), gan cao (licorice root), aloe extract, and rosemary extract, immediately awakens my senses, and gets my mind and body going. Ready for 12 rounds!

magnolia.jpgMyChelle Magnolia Fresh Eyes Then there are those days when you feel like at some point during those 12 rounds you took a right hook to the eye, experiencing puffiness or dark circles that result from too much (go! go! go!) or too little (sleep). Like all of Mychelle's products that I use, this stuff really works. Put it on before bed and when you wake up you'll be like a kid ripping open presents in the morning: only this time your loot is the fact that your dark circles and puffy eye tissue have nearly vanished. Daisy flower soothes, tones, and brightens, while coffee helps to reduce swelling. Plus, magnolia is anti-inflammatory and a powerful antioxidant so it maintains healthy skin around the yes.

weleda1.jpgWeleda Organic Pomegranate Body Oil I've never used body oils regularly ... until I discovered this product from Weleda that is perfect for this season and which I now apply nearly every day. The oils from organic pomegranate seed and organic jojoba seed lock in skin's natural moisture and fight free radical damage to alleviate stress from the elements. I find myself putting on more and more after a warm shower, my dry skin soaking it up on cold, dry days when it needs nourishment the most. Never leaving a greasy residue, the only lasting impression is soft skin and a clear mind. Helps me relax after a long day.

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