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The best cold-brewed iced coffee

Article-The best cold-brewed iced coffee

The best cold-brewed iced coffee

Sometimes called Toddy (after a brand of cold brew coffee makers), cold-brewed coffee is one of my favorite things about summer. It’s sweet, smooth and doesn’t have the acidity or bitterness that filtered or French press coffee can sometimes carry. And according to Susan Enfield, senior editor for Delicious Living magazine, it’s also healthier for you!

But I find that these days fewer and fewer coffee shops around town cold brew—probably because of the time and higher cost of preparation. Cold-brewed coffee requires upwards of 12 hours of brewing time and a lot more grounds than conventionally-brewed coffee—about half a pound makes only eight or nine cups. So for obvious reasons many places simply brew filtered coffee and then chill it, but it’s not the same.

So, for all of you who want a sweet, smooth, cool cuppa joe on a hot summer day, here’s a piece-of-cake recipe from Bon Appétit magazine.

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