Better soda for kids

fruit-66.jpgSure, it's best if kids don't drink soda at all ... but sometimes it's helpful to have a transitional option to retrain a bad soda habit (I'm always alarmed at how many kids drink Coke for lunch ... or dinner.) And if you're going to drink something bubbly, it's clearly better to go natural (look at Izze's meteoric rise, for example!) than to settle for artificial-everything typical sodas. Now there's a new kid on the healthy soda scene: all-natural Fruit 66. The pros: each 8-ounce can has only 95 calories; it's 100 percent juice with sparkling water; it contains nutrients adding up to the equivalent of one fruit serving, including 100 percent of daily vitamin C; and a portion of proceeds goes to the School Nutrition Foundation. It's healthy enough that it's been approved for sale in schools in Los Angeles, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, and will soon be available in retail stores. Oh, and did I mention that they taste great? Check out Kiwi Strawberry, Apple Berry, Fruit Punch, and my fave, Orange Tangerine.

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