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Big energy comes in small packages

emc-302628.jpgAt this year's Natural Products Expo West, going home (or taking a nap) was not an option; fortunately, going big was rather easy with this pint-sized trend at my fingertips: natural energy shots. Keep these four options on your radar–actually, why not just keep them in your purse?

Emergen-C Alert. I dump a tangerine Emergen-C, containing 1,000 mg vitamin C, in my glass of water every single morning to stay hydrated and boost my immunity. This berry-flavored shot serves a different purpose (I won't use it to replace my morning Emergen-C but will use it to replace a mid-day cup of Joe). Its energy and focus complex includes green tea extract, CoQ10, lecithin, stevia leaf extract, cayenne pepper, alpha lipoic acid, and quercetin. Plus it provides 250 mg vitamin C and 500 mg folic acid in addition to various other vitamins and minerals.

mate.jpgGuayaki Yerba Mate Organic Energy shot. These certified organic energy shots come in chocolate raspberry, lime tangerine, and lemon. My favorite, chocolate raspberry, blends Guayaki Yerba Mate extract and powder, cocoa powder, acerola cherry extract, and goii Berry Extract. All flavors also provide loads of vitamins C and B12.

energy.jpgNatural Vitality Whole-Food Energizer. This packet offers a steady mid-day pick-me-up that won't leave you jittery and wired. Combining organic superfruits and vegetables, golden chlorella, organic maca, and rhodiola, it not only supports energy, but also offers fiber, vitamins, and heart-healthy omega 3s. The product will be available this summer.

untitled.jpgSteaz Energy Shot.Steaz uses Fair Trade certified green tea, Sambazon’s açai juice, and Guayaki’s yerba mate to make an amped up, sized down version of its teas that is rich in vitamin C.

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