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Bill's Top 10 Reading List for Retailers

I’m in Orlando attending SOHO EXPO, produced by the Southeast Natural Products Association. SOHO stands for Showing Others Healthy Options. Along those lines, I will share what I’m hearing at the show.

Tonight, I attended Bill Crawford’s presentation on how retailers can untangle themselves from nitty-gritty operational details to become essential store visionaries. Bill is the director of retail publishing programs at New Hope Natural Media, which also publishes NFM. I have known and worked with Bill for years, but I had never heard him speak until tonight. He’s engaging, and his talk offered many relevant insights and tools for retailers.

As a starter, here is Bill’s Top 10 Reading List for Retailers. You can access many of these picks online for free.

1. Wall Street Journal. It’s the crème de la crème of business and financial news.

2. Your local newspaper. Read it daily to get a pulse on your people and to get ideas for making your store an essential part of your community.

3. Entrepreneur. The magazine was created for people who run their own businesses, big and small.

4.Inc. The broad coverage offers information on how to run a business, from the ground up.

5. Fast Company. A trendy and edgy business rag, so you’ll get an insider's view of what will interest the next generation of shoppers.

6. Forbes. Each issue features a section for entrepreneurs, like you.

7.Smart Brief. Bill recommended signing up for the entrepreneur daily news blast for innovative ideas on how to grow your business and for essential business news.

8. Natural Foods Merchandiser. But of course. You obviously know about our blogs because you're here, but make sure you sign up for our weekly e-newsletter featuring breaking news about the natural products industry and exclusive content not always in the monthly print mag.

9. Nutrition Business Journal. Bill called out their supplement coverage as especially useful.

10. NPI Center. NPI's daily newsletter offers news from the supply side.

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