Bisphenol A in plastics

We're all hearing a lot about bisphenol A (BPA) these days. This chemical additive found in many hard, clear plastics is a suspected endocrine disruptor that may be to blame for the rise in reproductive cancers (breast and prostate, eg) and the growing prevalence of ADHD.

We've been talking about this for years, but it's just recently been taken up by the mainstream media. In their fascinating expose, Chemical Fallout, journalists from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel explore the controversy surrounding BPA and what the EPA and FDA are (and aren't) doing about it. This is a hugely worthwhile read that has spurred a lot of the recent media hubbub.

I'd like to also plant a seed: Let's cut down on the amount of plastic we buy and use. Not only will this benefit the health of our children, but also it will reduce the impact we have on our environment. Plastic is energy-intensive to recycle and takes a long, long...LONG time to disappear from landfills. Thems my two cents.

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