Bottled or tap: Which water is safer?

Did you know that bottled water is less regulated—and potentially more contaminated with common pollutants—than what comes out of the tap? Two new reports, one from Congress and one from the Environmental Working Group, underscore this fact. I'm a big fan of the Tappening project which aims to reverse the incredibly wasteful trend of buying bottled water (think of all the energy that goes into bottling and transportation, not to mention the waste or the energy that goes into recycling). What you can do: Drink tap water. Use a water filter, such as a Britta or Pur, if you are concerned about water purity in your area (while you're at it, check up on your local water). Make it a habit now to take a reusable water bottle (such as Camelbak BPA-free or Kleen Kanteen stainless steel) wherever you go. For more about water safety, read up at the Natural Resources Defense Council website.

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