BPA found in 90 percent of newborns

"BPA found in 90 percent of newborns"--this headline in the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel about a recent study is downright alarming. Add that to recent findings that 93 percent of Americans tested had BPA in their urine, and it seems like this issue deserves attention. Fortunately it is getting some. The FDA is currently deciding on whether or not this chemical, a possible endocrine disruptor, commonly used in plastic and resin, poses a health threat. Hopefully lobbyists from groups like the American Chemical Council will not taint the decision- making process.

While I find BPA research alarming, I am perhaps even more scared by the hundreds of other chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis about which we don’t know any health risks. One example: what about the chemicals added to PVC that manufacturers don’t need to disclose? Many children’s toys are made from the material.

When will our government overhaul the EPA so that the intiative and funds support reviews and disclosure on these hundreds of chemicals? Or will we simply have one chemical trickle into the news and the slow review process for years to come?

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