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Chinese Food Safety

It seems a week doesn't pass without a new AP story about China's food safety problems. The media has really latched onto it. A Google search on ""Chinese Food Safety"" returned over 5.6 million results.

Beijing is currently deflecting blame to foreign media outlets.

Let's be honest, fear sells better than hope....be it online ads, newspaper subscriptions or 30-second spots inbetween segments on your local & national news. Unfortunately, this is the bottom line.

When it comes to China-sourced ingredients, questioning the safety and efficacy is no new issue to the dietary supplement industry. It's also becoming a hotter issue with organics, as Safeway's O Organics line (containing organic products & organic ingredients sourced in China) was called into question at The Organic Summit.

The greater China product safety issue is certainly growing, and will likely renew the focus on Chinese-sourced raw ingredients for dietary supplements. Not that this hasn't been an ""on-an-off"" issue for the last 10 years for the dietary supplement industry.

Stay tuned for NBJ's upcoming report on the Chinese nutritional market. Call to pre-order your copy today - 303.998.9399

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