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Chocolate ... real cocoa only, please

Turns out the Hershey's company is fudging the ingredients on some of their chocolate products, replacing cocoa butter with vegetable oil to save costs, says the Today show. This non-chocolate switcheroo means that their labels had to change, so some products now say "chocolatey" or "chocolate candy." Kinda subtle and sneaky, if you ask me. Personally, if I'm gonna have chocolate -- and I am -- I'm going to eat the real stuff, both for unequalled taste and and chocolate's associated benefits. One of my new favorites: Kopali Organics chocolate-covered cocoa nibs, goji berries, and bananas (how's that for some high-powered snacks?). They taste killer, plus they're all fair-trade, certified organic, and rainforest friendly. I know Whole Foods carries them, so try some today (or Kopali's super-pure dried fruit -- also awesome). dark-chocolate-covered-bananas-12.jpg

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