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Cross-merchandise with 5 trendy fruit, flavor pairings

Looking for a little end cap inspiration? In time for the spring harvest, the folks at Dole are offering suggestions for trendy and tasty fruit pairings. While their ideas were actually meant for chefs looking to up the ante with a few edgy menu items, in this case what works well in a restaurant may also make sense in your store—swapping in organic options, of course.

Pineapple and soft cheeses
This pair is not as unlikely as you may expect—think Hawaiian pizza. Take the perfect balance of sweet and salty to another level by suggesting the foods in salads or on top of grilled portabellas.

Mango and lime
For those looking for a tasty escape, tropical fruits are anticipated to be big sellers this year. Help your customers go south of the border with this sweet and sour pairing, perfect in a summer cocktail or as a fruity salsa.

Strawberry and balsamic

There’s something about strawberries that seems to enhance the layered nuances of good balsamic vinegar. Likewise, the vinegar uniquely compliments strawberries’ heady sweetness. Offer balsamic drizzled over the fruit, or a balsamic, berry Bruschetta.

Blueberry and lemon
Not only are blueberry and lemon visually well matched, they pair’s made sense to bakers (often featuring them in quick breads) for some time. Give the two a new incarnation out of oven and into frozen desserts and fruit smoothies.

Peach and bourbon

Offer a taste of the south by suggesting this classic pairing in your store. Ripe peaches with mellow, earthy bourbon are delicious in cocktails, in a dessert tart, or over seafood entrees.

Vist Dole for more suggestions.

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