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Shara Blog


A British lab claims it has developed a reliable DNA screening method to reveal the true identity of Basmati rice. There’s an electric tongue on the market that can determine the vintage and varietal of wine.

Seems it’s only a matter of time before another spinoff of the hit TV drama: “CSI…Produce” hits the air. Imagine: Specially equipped hybrid SUV’s arrive at the scene of the crime, recycled brakes squealing, as good-looking agents pour out packing electronic tongues in their holsters, primed to scoop up test tubes of rice grain evidence to take back to the lab. When the Arborio outlaws and vino- traffickers are locked away, the crew eats the evidence.

If only there was a nifty little electronic gadget your customers could merely wave over a product to find out if it’s truly organic, or ethically sourced and not just doused in greenwashing. Maybe one day…stay tuned.

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