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Cut the packaging!

I'm feeling a little cranky today because of TOO MUCH PACKAGING. As a food editor, I get wonderful goodies in the mail, and I love it because it keeps me in touch with cool, natural products that are coming down the pike. But some PR firms, even those who should know DL's mission and audience, evidently don't get that the Earth's landfills are overloaded with junk, and that resource wastefulness is just plain wrong.

Not infrequently, I receive huge boxes lined with massive amounts of styrofoam that contain, perhaps, a single bottle ... or a fancy, metallic-green plastic-bubbled envelope that contains, like, three pieces of paper. Once I even got a styrofoam avocado the size of a medium-sized dog that contained two little tubs of guac. The guac was good, but that useless packaging ("what should I do with this thing??") was enough to make me scream.

Then there are the responsible packagers, those who send a nice cardboard box (made from recycled paper and itself recyclable) that's the right size for its contents, packed efficiently with minimum waste. It's not that hard.

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