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Day-three detox glow

topherbssupps_detox.jpgTo know me is to know that I start my mornings with a cup of coffee, a trait that I no longer consider a vice; rather, an act of compassion toward anyone I interact with before 11 a.m. I am a conscious coffee drinker (check out this article from our August issue, which details what to look for in your cup of Joe), to be sure: I care about the process that brought that bean to my cup, and I try not to abuse caffeine. So yesterday, on day three of my detox, I decided I'd sneak a cup to stay on task. Several hours into my day, nearly knocking over my coffee to reach my water bottle, I realized that I had barely touched the cup. The true surprise? I felt good. In fact, a coworker coined the term "Three-Day Detox Glow" (I am still convinced this was only relative to the Day-Two Detox Blues I experienced the day before). Soon I realized that I had kicked nearly all of the cravings I had on day two, and I wasn't at all depleted, which, despite the denial displayed in my previous blog, was apparent by day's end. By the end of the day three, I really did have lots of energy left (and without coffee, remember?). Plus, my skin felt better than it had in days, clean and refreshed. In January, we ran an extremely popular article called Everyday Detox. One sentence always stood out, and now I fully believe it.

The good news is that you don't have to do an intensive detox. Gentle everyday strategies that minimize your front-end exposure to toxins and support your liver — the body's primary cleansing organ — can be just as effective as predetermined, time-specific diets.

We are constantly exposed to toxins: in our food, the air, the products we put on our bodies. Being aware of them daily, and taking appropriate measures to cut back, is crucial. Unfortunately, we will never be toxin free, but we can limit exposure and start to remove these toxins from our bodies. Choose organics (both food and personal care), load up on nutrient-packed fruits and veggies, and take cleansing herbs and supplements. I also noticed changes from cutting out dairy and oils, which I will gradually add back to my diet, but in moderation. And finally, I'm cleaning off my desk today; that was getting pretty toxic, too.

My official detox is coming to an end, but evaluating my exposure to toxins is something that I need to do every day. Turns out, detox really isn't that hard ... once you get past the Day-Two Detox Blues.

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