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The detox you’re not doing (and should be)

The detox you’re not doing (and should be)

Come January, who doesn’t want a fresh start? The best new products, top natural supplements, tips for weight management and how to do a—enter buzzword of the month—detox.

We’ve all questioned whether “detox” is a fad after seeing one too many unconvincing ads and cheesy celebrity testimonials. Yet, as long as our world is filled with toxins (if yours isn’t, we should really talk… ), the desire to flush them from our bodies with the goal of looking and feeling our best is certainly a rational sentiment that’s not going anywhere. But what supports or refutes its staying power (and determines the fate of detox-product manufacturers) is how we approach the concept.

In the first phase of the detox craze, believers seemed to rely on stringent liquid regimens, once or twice a year. But we’ve since discovered that natural, everyday techniques—incorporating detoxifying recipes, supplements and even topical products—can be more realistic and hence more effective.  

In the January issue of Delicious Living, we use the fundamental concept that detox is a lifestyle to offer yet another perspective: Though we most often associate cleanse with the liver and kidneys, the body’s largest organ—the skin—is a major player.

Why look to your skin for detox?

While Eastern medicine relies heavily on external signs for “diagnosis,” in the U.S., we often neglect to literally see the whole picture. When your liver is overloaded with toxins, skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea, dark under-eye circles (in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the eyes and liver are strongly connected), forehead wrinkles and lackluster complexion can be the result. And our skin calling out for a cleanse is just one of the many health-beauty links.

In addition to providing a more holistic definition of detox and understanding what our skin is telling us, writing "Detox your skin" was a great way kickoff this year’s beauty coverage: Once again, we’re showing the true importance of caring for ourselves from the inside and out—and that making informed personal care choices isn’t just for healthy skin but rather overall health and well-being. And, just as what we’re putting in our bodies can make a big difference in our appearance, what we put on our bodies can affect our health. Enter cleansing supplements and pure, efficacious skin care.

Another takeaway? More reasons we should see a greater convergence of the supplement and beauty industries in the next year. As consumers continue seeking  topical and ingestible solutions for their health and beauty concerns, I’m hoping companies take a proactive approach to beauty, incorporating topical products and supplements to target the cause of our beauty concerns, rather than just offer a quick fix. That, my friends, is no fad.

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