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Do you have 'Good Hair'?

Do you have "Good Hair"? Do you know what "Good Hair" is? Even more importantly, do you know how your customer's qualify "Good Hair?"

Chris Rock's new movie, "Good Hair" explores the toxic lengths African American women are willing to go to get tamed tresses. It especially looks into the icky and addictive habit of applying relaxer (aka creamy crack) to get the look of silky, smooth, and straight hair.

Traditional relaxer is filled with chemicals like sodium hydroxide, lye, alkali, or ammonium thioglycolate and is used to loosen or "relax" curls. The mix is effective but extremely dangerous. Skin can be burned, hair can fall off, or permanent damage can be done. Obviously, there has to be a better, and more natural way.

While natural relaxers are far and few between, and there is much debate on natural being effective, many black women are reaching out for solutions that don't require a trip to the emergency room. And with the growing multicultural market in natural products stores, retailers can maximize this trend in their personal care department.

I've compiled a list of products that might interest retailers in stocking right about now in preparation for the release of "Good Hair." Check them out and consider placing an order to give yourself, and even more importantly, your customers, "Good Hair."

Natural-Laxer MIX
Created by Baka Beauty Products International, the natural relaxer is made of Sahara Clay and natural herbs. It hasn't been touted as extremely effective, but most women claim it has positive results.

Fresh Look The BodiPHier Kit
With soda ash, wax, shea butter, soy bean oil, and mineral water, this kit is extremely natural. It also contains shampoo and conditioner and will not overprocess hair.

Xenna Curlaway
While some consumers complain about the smell, this product has been on the market for a few years and sold pretty well. Contains no alkaline chemicals and grapeseed oil.

This relaxer goes a step beyond other relaxers in its exclusivity: it is not recommended to work with traditionally (and chemically) relaxed hair. The ingredients are hypoallergenic and made up of egg and soy extracts.

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