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Do you wash your fruits and veggies (with soap)?

header_right.jpgLathering up your produce may seem unnatural or arduous, especially around the holidays when you're eagerly looking for kitchen short cuts. But food safety takes just moments and is crucial for holiday cooking. Thanks to natural companies like Vermont Soap you can use organic oils to thoroughly wash your fruits and veggies (the company's slogan, "organic stuff that foams," immediately caught my eye since I'm now always looking for products, whether skin care or detergents, that don't rely on chemicals like sodium laureth sulfate to bubble up). Vermont Soap Organics' Produce Magic is a great option for removing pesticide residue if you're using conventional produce (for a list of produce with the most residue, check out The New Dirty Dozen) and bacteria that can latch onto both conventional and organic produce before it arrives in your fridge. The certified organic product is made with a blend of organic oils, including antibacterial and antifungal aloe vera and rosemary. Just spray on produce, apply to a brush, or add to a container of water (best for root veggies) and rinse. The FDA also recommends cutting off bruised or damaged areas (which are breeding grounds for bacteria), storing perishable fruits and veggies at 40 degrees in a clean fridge, and thoroughly drying produce after washing. Check out Food Safety in the Kitchen for more tips to keep holiday kitchens clean.

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