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Does the U.S. Nutrition Industry Have a Leadership Problem?

Ask anyone who attended the 2010 NBJ Summit about the average age of an attendee, and you’ll probably find there weren’t many folks under the age of 40. Is there a lack of young talent to represent the next generation of leaders in the U.S. nutrition industry? Certain product segments are in better shape than others. Natural & organic foods, beverages and personal care are arguably better off than the dietary supplement and nutritional ingredients sectors, but the larger questions remain.

What are the reasons for this age imbalance? What could change it? What are the impacts of this imbalance? What does this mean to the future direction of these sectors? What opportunities have yet to be identified because of these dynamics? Is this really a problem?

Or is there a bigger issue with leadership in the nutrition industry? Have the issues of 10 years ago changed significantly? What have the current crop of industry leaders done to move the needle? What can the next generation bring to the table?

Are there opportunities for you to build on the accomplishments of those who’ve come before you? How can you climb the ladder and become a next-generation leader in the U.S. nutrition industry?

That’s a lot to think about, so let’s try to find some answers. On Thursday, October 14th, during the NBJ Summit Extension at Natural Products Expo East, Seth Goldman (TeaEO of Honest Tea), Robert Orr (Chairman of Ocean Nutrition Canada) and Margot Murphy Moore (Executive Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer at Hylands) will join me in a panel discussion of leadership in the nutrition industry. Entitled “Leadership Secrets from Top CEOs – Growing Your Business (and your career) in 2011 and Beyond,” the panelists will discuss how they rose up to where they are, and how they’re maintaining their edge.

How to identify emerging trends, integrate them into your business and capitalize sustainably will be a focus of this session, as the panelists will also discuss how they’ve built businesses in the highly competitive and convoluted nutrition industry. Supplement, food and personal care interests will all be discussed in strategic business and tactical dimensions.

Rising stars in the nutrition and natural products industries are encouraged to attend, as we attempt to open a discourse on this critical issue. Register now.

Following this session, we will adjourn to the Westin Hotel next door for an Oktoberfest-themed celebration of Expo East’s 25th anniversary.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

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