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Drink your vitamins

I admit it: I'm not a supplement nut. I don't take fish oil or iron. And although I own multivitamins, the bottle is still almost full. But lately, I've really been trying to remember to take a daily multi formulated specially for women. And the easiest way to remember to stock up on vitamins is to drink them.

So I've been taking one Zenergize Thrive tablet per day, dissolved in water -- and I actually feel pretty good. Not only do I get my vitamins, I also get an excuse to hydrate midday with a tasty, sweet drink. I usually divide each tablet in half or dissolve it in a liter of water (otherwise, the flavor is a little bit too strong). But each tablet is all natural, has only 2 calories, and doesn't contain any sugar. Next up: I'm going to try their energy supplement. It's a good start for this supplement skeptic.

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