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Drugs in the water

This article moved me, it really did. After reading this my mind was racing with thoughts ranging from conspiracy theories, long term evolutionary side effects, the massive health risks to "freakanomic" type economic and ecological side effects. Think about it. If this is really as simple as the article states, and this is caused by the trace amounts that flow through us which is then neglected by the water treatment plants when they process our drinking water, what does that say about our drinking water? What does that say about our treatment plants? Does this mean that our treatment plants need to be upgraded on a massive level to adapt to a new form of waste? I mean even more disturbing and maybe even disgusting is what else is making its way back into the water system that we're not accounting for now?

Think about the social, economic and ecological side effects? If this makes it to prime time, CNN level news it would only cause a grand level social panic on tap water which would only fuel the bottled water industry and we know these corporations would jump all over this. Think about the amount of plastic waste the environment would see if we saw a massive increase in bottled water nationally.

Just throwing this out there. Maybe I'm drastically over thinking this or maybe we're actually seeing the beginnings of something.

What do you think? Really interested what people think and have to say on this.

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