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Eating beef

Here's a hot topic around the DL office these days: How much beef should we feature in the mag? The general answer is, not too much; organically raised plant foods are the obviously healthier choice and beat pretty much any kind of meat production. But at the same time, we know from surveys that the vast majority of our readers eat meat, at least on occasion. We have a few beef recipes in an upcoming Quick & Easy story -- in my nine years at DL, I think it's the second time we've featured beef as the topic of any story (the last time was a nutrition piece in 2003) -- and the recipes emphasize using lean beef WITH greens and veggies as part of a balanced diet. But it's a tricky issue, in part because USDA labeling is so vague (organic? grass fed? pasture raised? hormone free? etc) and not well regulated. Let us know what you think, and watch for an upcoming DL web exclusive on the current state of meat labels. Also, check out this well-written, short essay at (All of their "green eating" tips are really good.)

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