Editors' picks: holiday travel essentials

Holiday travel holds promises of togetherness, food, joy, love ... that is, if you can conquer the the dreaded airport. Delicious Living's editors chose our favorite products for maintaining health, beauty, and sanity to ensure your holiday trip is, in fact, a vacation.

sanitize_spry_pepmnt_michelle-sm.jpgEO natural hand sanitizing spray As the coughs and sneezes come at you fast and furious be sure to keep hands clean, especially before eating. Rather than using harsh, synthetic chemicals to fight off germs, try EO's USDA certified organic sanitizing sprays that use organic alcohol to fend off germs. Essential oils like lavender and peppermint also fight bacteria while soothing your skin. The itsy bitsy travel size offers up to 100 sprays and will make it onto the plane.

Natura Throat & Gland Spray This combination of herbs, including echinacea, licorice root, and wild indigo, helps the body fight infection when you spray it into the throat. By improving drainage, it also helps shorten the length and severity of colds.

toms.jpgTom's of Maine toothpaste travel size A longtime favorite of Deputy Editor Radha Marcum's, this fresh tasting mint gel controls plaque buildup with xylitol, a white crystalline alcohol powder that inhibits bacteria growth.

Gan Mao Ling formula Take 3-6 tablets of this Chinese herbal formula, which includes a combination of seven traditional Chinese herbs, 3 times per day to help boost immunity when you're on the go.

emergenc.jpgEmergenC A go-to for the Delicious Living editors, use these vitamin C-rich packets to stay hydrated and boost immunity. Stuff a few into your purse, wallet, or back pocket and add to water at any point throughout the trip. Its Immune Defense variety contains not just the 1,000 mg vitamin C, but also B vitamins, zinc, vitamins A and D, selenium, hibiscus, and elderberry.

Burt’s Bees Sun Protecting Lip Balm Food Editor Elisa Bosley recommends this balm to not only keep lips hydrated but also to protect them from rays during your travels.

emerita.jpgEmerita Fine-Line Eye Serum Don't want anyone to know you've been traveling all day? Stay fresh faced with this reliable serum that combines a multipeptide complex and gotu kola extract to keep skin looking smooth and help repair damage.

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