Evaluating Pet Food

If you’re curious as to how your pet’s food stacks-up, here are a few online resources to help you assess your pet’s next meal.

Dog Food Analysis.com: Online since 2005, looks at the contents of more than 1500 dry dog foods. Includes ratings and reviews.

Consumer Search.com (dog food) , and Consumer Search.com (cat food): A service of About.com. Provides Best Reviews, product analysis, and ranking of pet foods.

Dog Food Chat.com and Cat Food Chat.com: ratings and recommendations of dog/cat food, product recalls, and information on dog/cat health.

The Kibble.com: Snarky site devoted to pet food, for that base their pet food selection on more than price.

Consumer Reports: Specific reports on pet food - from food safety to value for price.

Pet Food Institute: Everything you always wanted to know about pet food but were afraid to ask.

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