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Evol burritos = love at first bite

If you are what you eat, then my husband is at least one-third burrito (I might be more like one-eighth). For years he has scarfed down egg, potato, and chili burritos from Phil’s Fresh, a Colorado company that uses wholesome ingredients and brings awesome taste to what could need a whopping dollop of salsa to make it palatable (it doesn’t). Now Phil Anson of Phil’s Fresh has teamed up with former founding partners of Bear Naked Granola, Tom Spier and Brendan Synnott; they’ve boosted their flavor profiles and are taking the burritos national with a cool new frozen burrito line, Evol Burritos, now available in natural product stores such as Whole Foods.

Brendan, who yes by-the-way was a cast member of Survivor: Tocantins, dropped by the Delicious Living offices the other day—Panini press and a box of the 11 flavors in hand—to give us a taste for ourselves. All we can say is ... YUM. "Who wants to eat something with gross cheese and no taste?" Brendan asked in reply to our question, "Why Evol burritos?" The freezer section lacks burritos with real taste, he said, and Evol's here to change that.

Key to taste is quality ingredients. Check out this cool interactive tool that tells you a little bit about key ingredients, like antibiotic-free beef. What I love? That the burritos come in 6-oz and 8-oz (his and her?) versions. Though come to think of it, my husband may not like that so much since he usually happily cleans up on anything I don't eat. (Stay tuned for Evol mini-burritos, great finger food for parties and kids.)

Favorite flavor? Hands down the Egg & Green Chile. But the Tofu & Spinach is also tasty, and I hear the Chorizo Sausage & Egg is pretty killer too. I may not be on Survivor, but watch for me on the Vail web-cam this winter, scarfing down an Evol burrito en route to the slopes.

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