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Fancy Foods greener and cleaner

While chocolate, marinades and cheese were ubiquitous at the Fancy Food show, so were sustainable, organic and natural. It makes sense when you add up growing consumer concerns—food safety, origin, food miles, taste, organic, sustainable and fair trade. I knew there would be a lot of overlap with specialty/gourmet and natural/organic and wanted to see how far manufacturers are taking it. For some exhibitors it still wasn’t on the radar and their products had an anachronistic air—anemic looking milk chocolate wrapped in royal blue foil that qualified for gourmet 30 years ago and marinades and sauces spiked with MSG and corn syrup. But so many products would live happily on a natural retailer’s shelf. Here are a few of my faves:

I liked Savannah Bee Honey’s Grill Honey, Tea Honey and Cheese Honey because the clean appealing label communicates to consumers what honey can be used for. I also like the companies dripless honey spout.

Fire and Flavor’s sustainable grilling planks are certified sustainable by the Forest Steward Council and the international Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification.

I’m very happy that I stopped at the tiny Laxmi’s Delights booth and tasted the brightly flavored flax spreads. My favorite was the Lemony Flaxseed Spread with Ginger and Honey which contains 674mg of omega 3s per serving. I liked their versatility—a spread, a sauce, a dip, and the tangy piquant flavors certainly don’t communicate “health food”.

Organic Marlborough Flaky Sea Salt doesn’t have to go through the cleansing processes that many sea salts do as a result of polluted waters. This salt farmed off the pristine coast of New Zealand is certified organic by Bio-Gro New Zealand.

The fresh lavender buds in Agave Dream’s lavender ice cream transported me to a lavender field in bloom.

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