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Flaxseed identified as a leading ingredient in 2008

Like protein, flax is an ingredient with few faults. Suprisingly nutritious and inexpensive for manufacturers, flax is becoming a hot ingredient in many mass-market foods including spreads, tortillas, breads, cereals and many more. InsideBayArea.com reports on the growth of flaxseed with a well written article.

The article "lead" is especially catchy:

"It looks like dried bugs, smells like paint, tastes kind of bitter and turns slimy when you mix it with water. Home cooks are befuddled by it, chefs have no interest in it. But make no mistake, if you're not already eating flax, you will be soon."

For more on plant and fish oil omega-3 ingredients, read NBJ's recent Nutritional Raw Materials & Ingredient Supply Issue.

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