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Food experts' 5 food trends

MediaPost features this interesting take on top food trends for the year ahead, based on a survey of retailers, restauranteurs, journalists, food producers, and farmers and presented at this week's Fancy Food Show in San Francisco.

1. Good-for-you foods. Hooray! And I hope that includes the concept that good-for-you foods can and should TASTE good. Obviously, that has always been Delicious Living's guiding principle for food.

2. Coconut. I'm getting the sense that people are finally understanding that coconut, with its medium-chain fatty acids (as opposed to long-chain, as in animal fat), is a wonderful part of a healthy, satisfying diet. Hey, centuries of healthy, tropical-food-eating peoples can't be all wrong.

3. Gluten-free. No surprise here. I know it's called a trend, but I prefer to think of it as a long-overdue awakening for the many, many people that have felt vaguely (or seriously) ill for a long time and are just now realizing it could be gluten. Watch for kids' gluten-free issues to be the bridge for adults to go off gluten and feel better, too.

4. Exotic citrus. Interesting! I wonder what classifies as "exotic."

5. Nostalgic foods. Again, how defined? Is this the same as comfort food? And are there international-flavor takes on this, as America's melting pot looks to the foods and flavors of their ancestors? I could go for some arroz con pollo right now...

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