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Food, Inc.: It's about our right to know

Food, IncIf you haven't watched Food, Inc.—or if you have but would like to see this powerful film again—mark your calendar! Food, Inc. broadcasts on PBS's Point Of View (POV) program airing across the U.S. on April 21st, in honor of Earth Day. The film will also be available on in its entirety from April 22-29. Once you've seen it, check out Ten simple things you can do to change our food system from the Food, Inc. website.

A few weeks ago, Delicious Living interviewed director-producer Robert Kenner after a screening of Food, Inc. at the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim. "I was amazed at how much is being kept away from the consumer [...] to keep the consumer disconnected from their food," Kenner said. "For me [making the film] the biggest surprise wasn't walking into slaughter houses but going to a hearing about whether we should label cloned meat and having somebody who represented the meat industry saying that they 'didn't think it was in the public's best interest.'"

Later, during a talk in Anaheim, Kenner brought up the same fundamental issue. What's more, he pointed out, journalists are censoring themselves about these issues because of the Food Libel Laws (aka the Veggie Libel Laws) which allow producers and manufacturers to sue anyone who makes disparaging remarks about the foods they produce. You might remember the famous case in which Opray Winfrey was sued over her remarks about beef.

"These are Orwellian times! We should have the right to information," said Kenner. "Right now food products have more rights than we do."

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