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Genetically engineered animals coming to a store near you

You've heard about the recent FDA approval of cloned animals for consumption, and genetically engineered (or GMO) fruits and veggies have been on the shelf for years, but what about genetically engineered livestock—pigs, cows, sheep, and who knows what else? There's a thought-provoking article on Salon today, "Should biotech piggy go to market?," about how genetically engineered animals (animals that have spliced genes from, say, a fish or even from bacteria) may soon be in our food chain. Because they don't differ much nutritionally from animals that haven't been genetically engineered, the government so far has deemed them safe. But consumer watchdog groups such as the Consumer's Union say that more caution—and further science—is called for before genetically engineered animals are available (unlabeled as such) at your supermarket.

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