Geranium extracts just won't go away

Geranium extracts just won't go away

With the London 2012 Olympics fast approaching, doping scandals should now begin to populate the newsflow with a bit more regularity and focus. Expect sports nutrition to play its part here, especially in light of the escalating concern surrounding geranium extracts, otherwise known by such chemical names as 1,3 DMAA and MHA.

The story is long and sordid, so rather than rehash the details, I'll direct you here. What I will highlight is the fact that this particular culprit from the fringes of sports nutrition will not go away, and the fear that it will end badly continues to grow. Speaking to Nutrition Business Journal in September, Anthony Almada of GENR8 said the following: "Over the next few months, we will see more companies drop 1,3 from their product compositions. We will see as many as five more global athletes popped for this agent."

Here is a recent TV spotlight on Jack3d, the category leader in pre-workout supplements featuring the ingredient, from USPlabs. Though I don't speak Italian, the clip has all the sense and feel of an exposé, plus a few delightful cartoon sound effects in the editing.

Thanks to Shane Starling at NutraIngredients for surfacing this one.

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