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Go see WALL-E

I've been out of town for most of three weeks, and I must say, traveling outside of eco-conscious Boulder is always an eye-opener! One thing our family did was to go see Wall-E, the animated movie I'm sure you've heard about. I think it's one of the most provocative and best movies I've seen in the past five years.

It's a sci-fi look at Earth's future ... the planet is an uninhabitable pile of trash, with humans relegated to a permanent cruise spaceship, incapable of walking and instead blobbily existing on personal hovercrafts with personal screens right in front of their faces. (This has caused a fair bit of controversy, as if the movie were targeting obesity rather than a culture, or genetics, that contributes to obesity.) Big Gulps of liquified food are delivered on command by busy little robots. The movie does end hopefully: Humans recommit themselves to taking care of their home.

It's an amazingly bold movie for an entity like Disney, which contributes so much and so often to the American zeitgeist. So hey, Disney, maybe you should take a lesson here: Start by putting recycling bins at the theme parks, for goodness sakes! We were at Dland and CA Adventure -- the waste generated just by the food service is astonishing, and I searched for recycling bins in vain ... Get with your own program, Disney, which was eloquently expressed in Wall-E.

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