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Got antioxidants? Wild blueberries win out

wild blueberries According to the latest research from Cornell, wild blueberries are top-of-the-list when it comes to antioxidants (you know, those super healthy compounds that boost immunity and keep skin young by fighting cell-damaging free radicals). Among the 25 fruits tested, wild blueberries beat out pomegranates, blackberries, raspberries, and cranberries—as well as cultivated blueberries—in ORAC scores (antioxidants). Note: Researchers did NOT evaluate proclaimed superfruits goji, acai, and noni. Look for wild blueberries in the frozen section of your natural products store. For breakfast or a tasty afternoon snack, I like to thaw a half cup or so (just let sit in warm water from your tap for a few minutes) and top with yogurt and granola. They're so delicious antioxidant scores hardly matter—but it's a nice bonus!

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