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Grab-and-go burritos

I've just been introduced to Phil's Fresh Foods burritos, and I have to say I'm a fan. Apparently they've been available regionally (Colorado, Texas, and environs) for seven years, but I'd not encountered them; now they're getting national distribution in the frozen foods section of stores like Whole Foods and City Market. I've chewed through lots of store-bought, doughy burritos in my time, and these are definitely a cut above; you get more filling than tortilla. Real-food ingredients (including organic fillings and hormone-free meat), handmade, inexpensive ($2.99; sometimes on sale 2 for $4!), portable, quick to heat and eat, and delicious; it all adds up to a winner. Try one of the nine flavors; I love the spicy Green Chile Breakfast burrito, as well as the vegan Veggie Fajita.

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