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Pamela Bond's Blog

Grocers among the top 15 eco-friendly retailers. Do you agree?

A new report has named the world’s top 15 eco-friendly retailers. A good number of grocery stores made the cut, including H-E-B (United States), Tesco (Britain), Woolworths (Australia), Monoprix (France), Carrefour (France) and Walmart (Canada).

Researchers selected the best of the best after reviewing more than 200 "green" retailers. Every retailer on the list had to have written environmental policies, evaluating the environmental impact of the company and measuring the effects of environmental practices on the company's profits, according to Ryerson University’s Center for the Study of Commercial Activity, publisher of the report.

The final report highlighted common threads among top eco-shops, including:
* a commitment and passion from the CEO or senior management for sustainable practices
* external advisors to help develop an eco-friendly strategy
* return on investment

Whether or not you agree with the top selections, I'm wondering whether you are becoming an environmental leader at your store.
* Have you set goals or established policies that will reduce your impact on the environment?
* Have you made store improvements (e.g., solar panels) in order to make a positive difference?
* How did you roll out your plans to employees and customers? (For example, Home Depot associates educate customers on ways they can minimize water pollution at home.)
* How will you measure your impact on both the world around you and on profits?

The authors of the report say that the key to being a successful eco-friendly retailer is leadership at the top. And adopting sustainable practices can actually enhance your bottom line.

I'd love to hear about what you have done or plan to do. Please share below.

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