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Grocers say no to cloned foods

We’ve talked a lot about animal cloning lately, and the controversy over cloned animals in the food supply (cloned meats and dairy from cloned animals). Although the FDA has approved cloned animal products for public consumption (without mandated labeling of such), major grocers are listening to their customer’s concerns and refusing to stock such products. According to a Progressive Grocer article, Albertsons, PCC Natural Markets, Supervalu, and Harris Teeter chains don’t plan to sell meat or dairy products from cloned animals. What’s more, companies including Kraft Foods, General Mills, and Gerber/Nestle have also said that they will not use ingredients from cloned animals or their offspring. The FDA concluded cloned animals are safe to eat last January.

Because cloned products aren’t labeled, how can you know you aren’t eating something cloned? The only way to be sure is to buy certified organic (for details on organic meat and dairy, check out “Why Go Organic”). The USDA Organic seal on meats assure that it comes from animals that have NOT been cloned—and that also have not been given growth hormones or fed genetically modified soy or corn. For more about beef labels, including “natural” and “grass-fed,” check out “Beef Labels.”

Do you feel that cloned animal products should have mandatory label requirements? Share your thoughts.

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