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Happy 25th anniversary Organic Valley

Happy 25th anniversary Organic Valley

Happy 25th anniversary Organic ValleySinging, celebrating and cultivating a strong business community, Organic Valley knows how to mark an anniversary.

Twenty-five years ago this month a visionary group of farmers joined together as the CROPP (Cooperative Regions of Organic Producer Pools) Cooperative to promote sustainability as a way to save family farms. It’s since grown into an organic and natural products leader known under the brand banner Organic Valley.

Today it is the largest organic farming cooperative in North America, with more than 1,814 farmer-owners in 35 states and three Canadian provinces, representing about 9 percent of the nation’s certified organic farming community. Now that’s growth for good!

Through it all, the cooperative has remained committed to local supply and economies by building around a regional production and distribution model. And, of course, it’s maintained unwavering support of family farmers and the health of their land and livestock. For this, and so much more, CEO George Siemon was inducted into the Hall of Legends during Natural Products Expo West 2013.

Not only does this co-op continue to innovate (a la newly introduced grassfed hot dogs and grassmilk cheese), it exudes creativity with its own band appropriately called Cultivate. It features Clovis Siemon (the CEO’s son) and Aaron Miller of the rap duo Subsuelo.

The band played during a great anniversary celebration during Expo West. But you can get a teaser here in this unrehearsed performance of the Organic Valley Rap.


For those not keeping up, here are the lyrics:

We are the cream of the CROPP and we will rise to the top cause we got the tightest farmers and they never stop!

Their methods of madness, make for customer gladness and at home where animals feel not a moment of sadness.

yes, if you were a cow or if you where a sow then Organic Valley farms is where you would want to be now.

or if you where a chicken you would yearn to be click'n in an Organic Valley yard with plenty seed for the pick'n the animals that we raise deserve all that respect the blessings that they give are worth way more than a check from the big-idy best brown eggs organic chickens can lay to the tastiest tenderloins, one bite can take you away!

Organic Valley’s got the right cooperative vision that’s why we work hard and stay true to our mission.

from East Coast dairies, to western prairies, with a Midwest base that’s undeniably cherry!

A lot of love and work goes into farming the land it’s nice that mother earth is here to lend us a hand.

if we treat her with respect and fight pollution that ails her, genetic modifetic syntho-chemically fails her then we come out clean with milk that taste like a dream when the farmer's really real and not a corporate scheme.

so put up your hands and know that you can support the family farmers that nourish the land!

Look out "I'm Farming and I Grow It" Peterson brothers.

Watch for the excitement to grow as the co-op celebrates throughout the year, including at its annual farmer meeting April 9-11. And if you attended Expo West and would like a free retrospective book about Organic Valley’s 25 years, visit and enter the code OV25A.

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